Friday, June 5, 2009

WHEW! What a Day!

Well, the Last Student Day is FINALLY over!! We didn't have many kids, but the ones we did have were WILD!! Next week teachers report to the school on Monday. Tuesday we have Faculty Breakfast at Shoney's, then - VACATION!!

I'm getting a brand new crop of 9th graders next year - these are students I haven't had before, so they will need some "training." I want my room and stuff to be completely set up before they even walk in the door - no time for tweaking and fine tuning with a new crop of kids!! So, the next few days will definitely be busy ones for me. Then, a summer filled with conferences (AP US History) and trainings, lesson plans, and LOTS of reading. I've assigned my AP US History (APUSH) students to read one of several books, one of which is "American Colonies" by Alan Taylor. I'll be reading that one, at least. Plus, I'm wanting to fininsh David McCullough's "1776."

And, I'll be working on some swaps, so I will have some cards to post. In the meantime, here are a couple of cards I've done recently!

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